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Spooky Tombstone Bar Menu

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Having a themed party? 

This tombstone bar menu will not only show off your drinks but will also be a great addition to your Halloween decor.

1/8" or 3mm

7" W x 11" H - Arch

1. Pick the tombstone color

2. Enter your personalization

(ie. writing all white -BAR in red

witches brew- raspberry vodka, pineapple juice & lime juice
zombie virus - citrus vodka, blue vodka, & lemon-lime soda

Cobweb oil - vodka, grenadine, and lime juice

Vampire Delight - tequila, pomegranate juice & tomato juice

We can customize any size, font, and color.
Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

*T/N* Colors may vary slightly depending on the resolution of your screen.

The table number was cut using a laser cutting machine and the writing is engraved and filled with ink.