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Etched Gift Tag - Heart (12 pcs.)

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A perfect finishing touch to add to gift box, souvenir and to anything you love. 

Customize the writing and message however you like it!


To Order: 

1. Choose a Font Style 

2. Choose a Color

3. Enter customizations

Product Specifications:

1.5" L x 1.5" H 

Letters are computer generated and cannot be manipulated on how they originally appear. 

Acrylic is 1/8" Thick or 3mm 

Each tag is punched with a small keyhole for ribbons and cords.



1/8" or 3mm Thick Acrylic
5" W x 7" H

Care information

*T/N* Colors may vary slightly depending on the resolution of your screen.

The table number was cut using a laser cutting machine and vinyl was applied for the writing.

Avoid using alcohol or any strong cleaning agent to prevent the acrylic from stress cracking.

A microfiber cloth with water is recommended to clean your acrylic.

Gently wipe on areas with vinyl or etching.

Store your acrylics in a dry and safe place